How and When to Prune a Laurel Hedge

All types of laurel hedge need to be pruned once a year. The best time of year to prune is late spring/early summer as there will be lots of new growth at this time of year to cover up any "tatty" or damaged leaves caused by trimming with a hedgetrimmer.

Laurel hedges can be trimmed using secateurs or with a hedgetrimmer. As mentioned above, if you use a hedgetrimmer, it will cut through some of the leaves. This will look untidy but if you prune when the hedge is growing, it will cover up any tatty leaves in no time. We use a hedgetrimmer to trim our laurel hedge every year.

If your hedge is on a boundary with a next door neighbour, it will need to be trimmed on their side as well. It is your responsibility under the Anti-social Behaviour Act (2003) to ensure that your hedge does not grow to a height where "reasonable enjoyment" of their property is being adversely affected.

Trim your hedge to the height and width you require once a year and you will get a dense, bushy, evergreen screen that will last a lifetime.


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